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About Dj Nada

About Dj Nada
From the heartbeat of Durban, South Africa, the talented rare breed Thanduxolo Mabizela likely known as DJ NADA has a massive skill in composing something for the soul, for the precious moments and something to make people dance and lose their selves. The most wanted music producer more likely in the genres of Afro pop, Gqom, House, Hip Hop and R&B, Dj Nada has shown a massive skill and made a lot songs perfect behind the scenes.

Starting passion and love for music at the age of 16 as a rapper he also made an impact in the underground scene making tracks that rocked crowds. He proudly acknowledges that his massive skills were adopted and trained by the Durban’s most wanted Dj Lusiman who is known by producing Dj Cndo’s track “Yamnandi Nto” and Xwize who is known mostly of his latest production for Zakwe’s album especially with the hit single titled “Sebentin” He’s production side that he has put focus on started in 2013 where he was undersigned by LMP entertainment and was also made CEO on 2017.

He has worked with a lot of underground artists and commercial artists like Dimpie Dimpopo, Musiholiq, Zakwe, Joe Moth, Mawat and still expected to work with a lot especially in 2020. Year 2018 being his first year where he officially releases tracks as a producer has been a good one because it got him the hype and the buzz in KZN having some on other provinces.

Songs Released:

14 Feb 2018: Dj Nada – My girl (Feat. Seazy XXL, Librah & Geeman)

19 Apr 2018: Dj Nada & Dj Lusiman – Ukhonkolo

03 Aug 2018: Dj Nada – Ubuyanini (Feat. M-Soul & Dj Lusiman)

28 Sep 2018: Dj Nada – Memories (Feat. Lotta Rasva) [ Netherlands]

02 Nov 2018: Dj Nada – Ziyawa Namhlanje (Feat. Lascee, Optilusion & Seazy XXL) which was the sound of all parties.

31 Jan 2019 – DJ Nada – Ultimate Gqom Release Volume 1 (E.P)

28 Feb 2019: Ultimate Gqom Release Volume 2 (E.P)

24 Sep 2019: Dj Nada – Sthandwa Sam’ (Feat. Boyzee)

07 Mar 2020: Optilusion & Dj Nada - Your Love

Dj Nada being more of an underground and behind the scenes act he also owns and founded the company EyeCandi Avenue Media which is really doing superb which has became an attraction for the high class individuals and celebs and his also a Music Video and film Director for his company and other companies. Multi skilled Dj is also a Graphic designer, Photographer, Videographer, Web developer, I.T Tech Support and entrepreneur and an Accountant by academic profession

Music Videos He has Shot/Directed:

  • Musiholiq – Sebentin Remix
  • DJ Nyceone – Ipigogo
  • Njebe – Siy’pholele
  • Tripplet Boyz – Ang’lalang izolo (Feat. DJ Nyceone)
  • Ash – Hamba
  • Rhydem – Grand Hustle
  • DJ Terrace - Ungangfoneli (Feat. Dpatch)
  • Phenox - You Know
  • Figo Da Dope - My Everything (Feat. Isaac V)
  • Vista & Catzico - Dali (Feat. Iziqhaza, Toolz and Static)
  • Kabzaman & Amile - Bambelela
Companies he owns and has Partnerships with:

  • EyeCandi Avenue Media
  • TBK Webs
  • Thanduxolo Computer Systems
  • Royal Modeling Agency
  • BlackMilk Media & Events
  • Convoy Clothing
  • LMP Entertainment
  • ANada Creations
  • Juicy Pack Video Vixens and Influencers
Dj Nada is promising a lot for 2020 but let’s see how he hits up Africa as he is promising a blast in the making October.

Dj Nada is promising a lot for 2019 but let’s see how he hits up Africa as he is promising a blast in the making which he will intentionally release during the bad dates for releasing. Guess who on earth are these individuals on this track.

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